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Bajoran Cultural Information

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Religious Information

An interesting Essay on Bajoran Religion.

Medical Information

Accelerated Critical Neural Pathway Formation - Genetic enhancement technique where over a period of two months gene sequences are altered to stimulate neural network formation. [Doctor Bashir, I Presume]

Acynoliophin - Medical drug. A strong painkiller. For administration by medical personnel only. [Visionary]

Akira Advance Genetics Research Unit - Leading Bajoran bio-science team prior to the Occupation. Studies into DNA, viruses and other advance biological fields. Members include Dr. Surmak Ren. [Babel]

Anesthezine Gas - Colourless and odourless gas commonly used in security systems. Renders nearly all humanoids unconscious within a short length of time. [The Siege]

Aphasia Virus - An adaptive synaptic inhibitor that was developed by Dekon Elig. It mimics the symptoms of Aphasia but is ultimately lethal. It was accidentally unleashed on DS9 in 2369. Cured by Dr. Julian Bashir and Dr. Surmak Ren. [Babel]

Averian Resequencing Enzymes - Given to Jadzia Dax shortly before her untimely death in an attempt for her to be able to bear a child by her Klingon husband. [Tears of the Prophets]

Biomemetic Gel - Controlled substance. The sale of this expensive medical commodity is very restricted, even attempting to buy it is a crime under Federation law. [Distant Voices]

Cardassian Health System - Following the Klingon Invasion of 2373, the once decent health system of the Cardassian Empire collapsed. All visitors to Cardassian space are advised to take a number of vaccinations to prevent catching one of the diseases that now run rampant through their society. [Return to Grace]

Cellular Microsutures - Federation technology used in place of the archaic stitches to bind up wounds. [Rocks and Shoals]

Changeling Metabolism - Changelings exist in their natural state as a gelatinous liquid with high metamorphic properties. The morphogenic matrix is most malleable at a temperature of 17 degrees centigrade. [The Begotten]

Decidrinine - Drug used to make the natural memories of Cardassian deep cover agents emerge after they have been recovered and returned to Cardassia. [Second Skin]

Dermatiraelian Plastiscine - Chemical compound used to maintain skin tone and stability after cosmetic surgery. This proved to be strong piece of evidence in the Marritza incident on DS9 in late 2369. [Duet]

Dorik Syndrome - Incurable disease that strike one in every five million Ferengi. Quark was misdiagnosed with this in late 2372 by Dr Orpax of Ferenginar. [Body Parts]

Engramatic Dissociation - Ability to compartmentalise and suppress parts of memory. Makes the person open to brainwashing, as the operative could be totally unaware of any covert actions and so portray a near perfect cover. [Inquisition]

Genetic Engineering - The genetic manipulation of sentient life for physical or mental improvement has been outlawed in the Federation since the Eugenics Wars over 200 years ago. [Doctor Bashir, I Presume]

Hyronilin - Medical drug. Used in the treatment of radiation poisoning. [Visionary]

Immunotherapy Project - Long-term medical project set up on Bajor by Chief Medical Officer Julian Bashir to improve the immune system of Bajoran children and help prevent many common diseases. [Explorers]

Isoboramine - An important neurotransmitter in Trills. It mediates the synaptic functions between the host and symbiont. If the level of this chemical gets to low the symbiont must be removed, leading to the death of the host. [Equilibrium]

Jem'Hadar Energy Weapons - Lethal devices that if they do not kill with a direct hit leave a wound that does not coagulate so resulting in a slower death if medical assistance is not available. [The Ship]

Kalla-Nohra Syndrome - Chronic pulmonary disease. It is only found in survivors of the mining accident that occurred at the Gallitep labor camp. [Duet]

Ketrecel White - Key isogenic enzyme that the Jem'Hadar are unable to produce themselves and must be provided by the Vorta. Without a constant supply it will lead to circulatory system failure. It cannot be replicated, however initial experiments with triglycerides show they can be used but only for a short time. [The Abandoned] A group of Jem'Hadar were found on Bulpak III in 2372 trying to break their addiction to the drug to allow them to escape the Dominion. [Hippocratic Oath]

Makara - Bajoran herbs traditionally given to pregnant woman to maintain their progesterone levels. Resembling Terran bay leaves they have a somewhat unpleasant taste and can interfere with sedatives. [Looking for Par'mach]

Merfadon - Cardassian sedative drug used in surgical procedures. [The Darkness and The Light]

Neurocene Gas - Lethal toxin commonly used in Cardassian security systems. [Civil Defense]

Orb Shadow - Hallucinations caused by an excess of neuropeptides that can occur anytime after an Orb encounter. Bajoran faith believes that such a vision occurs when the person does not fulfil what the Prophets dictate in the original Orb vision. [Accession]

Orketts Disease - Childhood blood infection that spread through the Bajoran labour camps in the mid 24th Century. Thousands of Bajoran were children killed. The side effects are known to include damage to many common Bajoran blood factors. It is fully documented in Bajoran Medical texts. [State of Flux]

Post Neural Shock Syndrome - Rare condition that can follow a plasma shock it's symptoms include an enhancement of exterior senses such as increased vibrancy in perceived colours. [Rapture]

Pottrik Syndrome - Chronic pulmonary disease. Similar to Kolla-Nohra Syndrome, except a lower pulmonary bioscan would show negative instead of positive. [Duet]

Pregnancy - Bajoran pregnancy lasts only five months so the woman vascilarise very quickly building up a complex network of blood vessels to the growing baby. A well known side effect of Bajoran pregnancy is bouts of uncontrollable sneezing. [Body Parts]

Prion Replication - Doctor Bashir of DS9 is a leading expert in this specialist field. He suggests that replication could be inhibited by quantum resonance effects, where as traditional thought is that it is only a matter of amino acid resequencing and disulphide shuffling. [Nor the Battle]

Sub-dermal Implant - Technique of placing small devices just under the surface of the skin. Covert communication devices often take this form. [Through the Looking Glass] Also, during the Occupation all resistance fighters were implanted with a tritonium isotope. If captured they could activate the device to leave a trail that could be followed by a rescue team. [Indiscretion]

Takoa - Bajoran herbs for curing swollen joints such as ankles, which is a common affliction in pregnant woman. Need to be dissolved in fruit juice before they can be taken. [Looking for Par'mach]

Teblon Blight - Genetically engineered disease released on the people of the Teblon system by the Jem'Hadar in the 22nd century. The disease is carried by every member of the race and kills everyone at a random age, many before they can have children. The blight is accelerated by electromagnetic fields, which makes studying the disease very difficult. A vaccine was developed in late 2372 by Dr Julian Bashir that while not curing the blight will mean that the next generation will not be carriers of the disease and can start to rebuild their civilisation. [The Quickening]

Tesakine - Drug used by Dr Bashir in high doses to allow the O'Brien baby to metabolise Bajoran nutrients after being transferred to Major Kira Nerys. [Body Parts]

Tomeklian Virus - Fairly harmful but contagious virus. An outbreak was reported on Bajor in late 2372 requiring all exported foodstuffs to be inspected. [For the Cause]

Triox - Chemical used to maintain blood oxygen level in inhospitable environments such as a Class L planet, where 15 cubic centimetres is recommended every four hours to compensate for the high carbon dioxide levels of the atmosphere. [Sound of Her Voice]

Triphasic Cloning - Advanced medical technique. This cloning method was developed by a Bajoran scientist imprisoned by the Cardassians during Occupation. Used by the criminal Ibudan to produce clones in attempt to frame Odo in 2369. [A Man Alone]

Tripticedarin - Medical drug. A very strong anaesthetic that is used to block out intense pain in Cardassians. [The Wire] [Ties of Blood and Water]

Vasokin - Experimental drug used to increase blood flow. Has a 78% success rate. It is known that it can cause permanent damage to internal organs, including in extreme cases the brain. [Life Support]

Vorta Cloning Technique - A very delicate procedure, the Dominion seem to have got around the problem of replicative fading but a defective clone can be produced on occasion. [Treachery, Faith and the Great River]

Yridium Bicantazine - Active chemical in Ketracel White, the narcotic used to keep the Jem'Hadar in line. [Statistical Probabilities]

Zanthi Fever - Virus affecting the empathic abilities of mature Betazoids which can cause them to project their feelings onto people in their immediate vicinity. A case of this was reported on DS9 in 2371, involving a Betazoid delegate to the Gratitude Festival of that year. The effects are mostly harmless and the fever itself can be cured by a wide spectrum anti-viral agent. [Fascination]

Science and Technology

Ablative Armour - Energy dispersing armour plating fitted to the USS Defiant in early 2372 to increase its close quarter fighting ability. [Way of the Warrior]

Ana - Code name of a computer program in the DS9 memory banks. Implanted by Neela to provide an escape route following the attempted assassination of Vedek Bareil. The program was found by Starfleet personnel leading to the capture of Neela and prevention of the assassination. [Hands of the Prophets]

Anti-Grav Devices - Cargo lifting and movement technique that uses a form of repulsion field to make the objects levitate. They cannot be used on many areas of DS9 due to Cardassian station design specifics. [Melora]

Anti-Intruder Devices - Any manual or automated system that incapacitates unwelcome visitors to a restricted area. The time to unconsciousness varies depending on the device, some examples based on a human adult female are as follows. [The Assignment] Level 1 Stasis Field : 2.1 seconds Anesthezine Gas : 1.4 seconds Phaser on a stun setting : 0.9 seconds

Anti-Proton Scan - Technique used by the Jem'Hadar to locate the USS Defiant while she was cloaked during its first mission into the Gamma Quadrant. The technique was also used to help stop the Defiant after it was stolen by the Maquis. [Search I]

Artificial Wormhole Project - Trill science project led by Dr. Lenara Karn. Its aim is to develop a means to create wormholes at will as a means of long-distance travel. Initial experiments were carried out aboard the USS Defiant. A subspace tensor matrix of 20 to 30 thousand cochranes was created and then application of a magneton pulse formed a short lived wormhole. A second test involving sending a Class 4 probe into the wormhole resulted in a massive explosion when the tetyron field reacted with the probe shielding releasing a graviton burst. [Rejoined]

Artridium Resin - Explosive used by the Bajoran Resistance due to the difficulty in detected small quantities of it by the Cardassians. [Wrongs Darker than Death or Night]

Bilitrium - Chemical compound. Rare crystalline material that can be used with an Anti-Matter converter to produce a powerful explosive device. Such a device was used by Khon-Ma in an attempt to collapse the Wormhole in 2369. [Past Prologue]

Biogenic Weapons - Agents of biological warfare that while not as devastating as metagenics and still capable of wide spread destruction. The Maquis used a cobalt diselenide biogenic synthesised from a hijacked shipment of selenium and rhodium nitrate to make a number of Cardassian colonies uninhabitable to the Cardassian settler. In response Captain Sisko used quantum torpedoes to scatter quantities of trilithium resin into the atmosphere of a Maquis colony and so force the surrender of Michael Eddington and his stocks of biogenics. [For the Uniform]

Biotech Implant - Classified Cardassian technology. A small implant in the post-central gyrus of the brain with connections to the entire nervous system. Used by Obsidian Order operatives to negate the effects of torture by stimulated release of high levels of natural endorphins. [The Wire]

Breen CRM1-14 - Powerful military-grade weapon. Suitable for use against mobile vehicles and surface emplacements it cuts through reactive armour in the 6-15 centimetre thick range and shields of up to 4.5 gigajoules. It is light and has a fast recharge. [Business As Usual]

Brisian Nitrate - Common agricultural fertiliser. 50,000 kilos donated by Grand Nagus Zek allowed the entire Northern Peninsula to be treated. [Rules of Acquisition]

Cardassian Encryption Systems - As a secretive species, the Cardassians have a lot of need and use of encrypted communications. Translation of military codes such as Elgol Red, 5th Order Military and Courier Code 59 is a speciality of Bajoran Intelligence. Most Cardassian codes use a recursive encryption algorithm. [In Purgatory's Shadow]

Cardassian Genetic Engineering - Can be identified by its distinctive monoclonal links. [A Man Alone]

Cardassian Phased Disrupter Rifle - Standard issue Cardassian firearm. 4.7 megajoule power capacity with a 3 millisecond recharge and two beam settings. A simple and quite powerful weapon that makes it excellent for use in the field. A large number of this class of weapon were captured during the Occupation and used by the Bajoran Resistance movement. [Return to Grace]

Cascade Virus - Computer coding that lies hidden in a core until activation when it can do anything from disable an entire system to erasing all information stored in it. Several complex viruses were planted by Michael Eddington before he left Starfleet, one of which successfully disabled the USS Defiant allowing the Maquis operative to escape. [For the Uniform]

Chamber Plasma Grenade - Explosive device often used in terrorist acts. Used in an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Gul Dukat in 2366. [Things Past]

Chlorobicrobes - Agricultural spray used on Bajor. It is meant to be good for Catterpod beans. [Progress]

Chroniton Particles - Form of particulate matter created by the long-term use of a cloaking device. It is thought that a build up of these particles in the ablative armour matrix of the USS Defiant lead to the time travel incident of mid-2371. [Past Tense I]

Cloaking Device - Advanced technological item capable of masking a starship by bending electromagnetic radiation, including light, around the object. Sale and unauthorised use in Bajoran space in deemed illegal under Bajoran law. [Profit and Loss] A slight subspace variance can be observed if the cloaked ship is at Warp speeds. [Search I] The Klingons provided thirty Class IV devices to the Maquis to assist their efforts during the brief Klingon-Cardassian war. [Blaze of Glory]

Cobalt-Thorium Device - Powerful explosive. Most often used in a projectile delivery system. [Maquis I]

Cobalt Diselenide - Nerve toxin and biogenic weapon effective on Cardassians but not Terrans, used by the Maquis in an escalation of their fight in the DMZ. [For the Uniform]

Compressed Tetryon Beam - Type of weapon. One of the few directed energy weapons capable of being smuggled past DS9 sensor checks. Used in an attack on the Ferengi Quark during the Vetrik incident of 2370. [Necessary Evil]

Counter-Insurgency Plan - Cardassian security protocol designed by Gul Dukat and residing in the DS9 computer until accidental activation in 2371. The system was designed to initiate a series of countermeasures in case of revolt by the Bajoran workers. The sequence of actions is given below, the system having now been safely deactivated. [Civil Defense] Level 1 - Initial revolt in work section. Action : Section sealed by forcefields. Neurocene gas released after a delay to allow surrender. Level 2 - Escape of workers from section. Action : Station sealed by forcefields. Neurocene gas released in Habitat ring after a delay to allow the Cardassians to vacate the area using their personal access codes to pass through the forcefields. Level 3 - Prevention of gas release. Action : Self destruct sequence initiated and set for 2 hours. It can only be stopped by Gul Dukat. Level 4 - Attempt to counterfeit Dukat code. Action : Phaser drone created in Ops using the replicator, it is designed to kill all non-Cardassians.

Covert Communications - A large number of methods for encrypting and disguising messages were developed by the Resistance during the Occupation. One useful method involves a narrow theta band signal that is shifted into the background radiation range to conceal the transmission. [Search II]

Dataport - Wetwired implant allowing direct neural access into computer systems. Usually used for illicit purposes and by network prostitutes. [A Simple Investigation]

Defiant Security Systems - Being the most powerful starship in the area, the USS Defiant has more stringent security measures than most ships. To gain access requires a voice and palm print identification. The bridge terminals are locked out when not in use and require a command authorisation code to activate them. [Defiant]

Diboridium - Chemical compound. Used almost exclusively in power supplies of Cardassian design. [Babel]

Dolamide - Chemical compound. Used by Cardassians as an energy source in generators and reactors. When purified can be used in weaponry. Known to have been supplied to the Cardassians by the Valerians. [Dramatis Personae]

Dreadnought - Name given to a reported Cardassian super-weapon. A unmanned self-guiding tactical missile, it is rumoured to contain an advanced computer system and full defensive weapons that makes it both adaptive and evasive. Carrying 1,000 kilograms of both matter and anti-matter it is a very powerful weapon to fire at a planetary body. No confirmed sightings of this weapon system are known to exist. [Dreadnought]

Duonetic Field - Energy field that dampens electromagnetic signals making most technology such as tricorders, phasers and combadges useless. Although they can occur naturally, possibly from something like large astatine deposits, a recent device to artificial create such a field was discovered on the Paradise Colony. The colony founder Alixus was using this device to force the colony to abandon technology and return to a more 'natural' existence.[Paradise]

Duranium Polyalloy - Advanced ship hull material. Extremely strong and resilient to weapons fire. [Dreadnought]

EJ7 Interlock - Engineering tool. Used on DS9 to seal critical or secure systems. [Hands of the Prophets]

Emulator Module - Component of DS9 computer system that allows it to interface with alien systems. [The Forsaken]

Federation Phaser Rifle - Heavy duty firearm used by Starfleet only in the most serious situations where the standard Class II Phaser is not good enough. It has a lower power rating than other rifles such as the Cardassian design but it has more features, such as sixteen beam settings. It is fully autonomous with multiple target acquisition and a gyrostabiliser. Due to its complexity it does not make a very good field weapon. [Return to Grace]

Fontaine, Vic ( James Darren ) - Complex holographic character created by a friend of Dr. Julian Bashir. An old-style Earth lounge singer, the program is highly adaptive and also uncannily perceptive. [His Way]

Fusion Reactor - Power source for station DS9. This Cardassian built reactor works on the technique of laser initiated fusion. The core is also used by the self destruct system. [Civil Defense]

Harvesters - Biological warfare agent used in the T'Lani-Kellerun wars. Product of the merger of genetics and nanotechnology, it is a biomechanical gene disrupter that is banned by all major powers. The entire T'Lani and Kellerun stockpile was destroyed in 2370 following the final peace settlement. The chemical was denatured using a specific muon influx, a process developed by Dr. Julian Bashir of Starfleet. [Armageddon Game]

Holosuites - Ultimate development of virtual reality systems. combining the technology of the transporter and holographic imaging. Many large Federation starships have Holodecks for recreational and educational use, while public Holosuites are available at many stations and holiday resorts. It is illegal to break into a running holoprogram without the owners permission. [Our Man Bashir]

Houdinis - Name given to small Dominion anti-personnel mines. Able to hide in subspace, they appear at random and can quickly devastate a attacking or occupying force. [Siege of AR-588]

Iconian Gateways - A legacy of the ancient Iconian race whose interstellar empire collapsed 200,000 years ago. These are a highly advanced matter transportation system allowing instantaneous travel to anywhere in the universe. The Iconian homeworld was found by the USS Enterprise in the Romulan Neutral Zone and the gateway there destroyed. In 2372 another gateway was uncovered on Vandros IV in the Gamma Quadrant which led to the rebellion by the Jem'Hadar garrison located on the planet. A strike team of Jem'Hadar and Starfleet officers was able to destroy this gateway in order to prevent its use by the Jem'Hadar or the Dominion. [To the Death]

Implosive Protomatter Device - Explosive mechanism that leaves very little trace evidence. Attached to engines of a ship it causes extensive damage or even complete destruction. [Maquis I]

Industrial Replicators - Large scale replicators like the Federation class four (CFR) devices are crucial to modern industry. After the Klingon invasion devastated the Cardassian industrial base, twelve CFRs were given to the Detapa Council by the Federation although the first shipment was hijacked by the Maquis. [For the Cause]

Inertial Couplings - Major support system in starships and stations that provides increased physical resilience. There are 64 couplings on DS9. [The Assignment]

Infernite - Chemical compound. Common explosive, often used in conjunction with Cabrodine. Detected in the bomb which destroyed the DS9 schoolroom in 2369. [Hands of the Prophets]

Isolinear Rods - Cardassian designed data storage system used on DS9. Similar to Federation isolinear chips, except for the cylindrical shape. Coded with a small coloured strip to identify usage, for example White means Engineering systems and Red means LCARS (Library) systems. [Shadowplay]

Kelidide - Material used in Cardassian ship construction. Often in conjunction with Rubidium. This combination is not popular with other space-faring races. [Maquis I]

Klingon Computer Systems - Intelligence reports that in 2372 a system of false information and directories was established in all Klingon ship cores. In the event of espionage this false information is first the spy locates and hopefully takes. [Sons of Mogh]

Ledarium - Chemical substance used in Cardassian warp cores. [Tribunal]

Life Support System - Maintains atmosphere and other vital support systems on stations and starships. It recycles the air, water and waste material to provide a constant supply. Usually a redundant system with numerous backups. If it fails on DS9 there is 12 hours of emergency oxygen supply available. [Civil Defense]

Lodite - Crystalline mineral. Small gemstones are a popular souvenir in the Bajoran sector. Quite common and hence of little value, a dozen often sell for 1 Lek. [Caretaker]

Magnacite - Liquid capable of dissolving Duranium. [Necessary Evil]

Mercassium - Synthetic composite used in Federation shield generators. This technology is not shared with any other race or organisation. [Maquis I]

Metagenic Weapons - Outlawed biological weapons that attack and destroy all life on a target planet before dissipating to leave the world suitable for colonisation. Rumours of the development of a delivery system by the Cardassians lead to a covert Starfleet mission to stop the research, which turned out to be a hoax. [Chain of Command]

Metron Impellers - Propulsion system used by Jem'Hadar ships. System on the recovered Torga IV craft was studied in detail by Starfleet Intelligence. [The Ship]

Minefields - Space mines can be an effective method of laying siege to a planet or base. The type of mines currently used by the Klingon Empire are cloaked and being stationary are near impossible to detect. Once distributed by a number of small craft, they are activated by a coded subspace signal. A minefield just outside the Bajoran system was detonated by the USS Defiant using acquired security codes. [Sons of Mogh]

Neodynium Power Cell - Cardassian energy storage device used in phase coil invertors. [In the Cards]

Neutralisation Emitters - Cardassian forcefield projection devices located in the Operations Centre of DS9. The forcefield produced is lethal to the touch and so this system was deactivated, but not removed, when the Bajorans took custody of the station. [Civil Defense]

Neutrino Invertor - Device commonly used in explosive mechanisms of Romulan design. [Improbable Cause]

Niltritium - Enriched it produces an incredibly powerful explosive. 90 isotonnes in a Ketracel White canister was used to destroy the main Dominion supply depot and everything within a 80 kilometre radius. [Time to Stand]

Optolithic Data Rods - One time use computer storage media produced as demand requires on Cardassia. The highest level of security used by the Union. [In the Pale Moonlight]

Orbital Weapon Platforms - Cardassian planetary defence system first deployed in the Chin'toka system. With regenerative shields and a thousand plasma torpedoes, they inflicted heavy losses until it was realised that power was supplied from a central unit on an orbiting moon. [Tears of the Prophets]

Otritium Concussion Shells - Artillery weapon used by the Jem'Hadar with an explosive yield in the 10 isoton range. [The Ship]

Parabolic Thrusters - Propulsion system used by Jem'Hadar fighters. [Time to Stand]

Phased Energy Retrieval - Proposed method for tapping the molten core of the moon Jerrado. A cleaner method than one finally used it was dismissed as it would have taken over a year to achieve significant energy retrieval levels. [Progress]

Plasma Storm - A regular natural phenomenon in the Denorios Belt. When a runabout containing Sisko, Dax, Odo and Garak went through a class two storm it caused the occupants to go into a form of the Great Link with Odo. [Things Past]

Predestined Paradox - Time loop where someone or something is thrown back in time because it is involved with past events, meaning that the effect precedes the cause. Understandably hated by the Department of Temporal Investigations. [Trials and Tribbleations]

Program Sisko 197 - Computer algorithm designed by Captain Sisko to totally disable the command and control systems of DS9 following the evacuation by Federation forces at the end of 2372. [Call to Arms]

Polaron Radiation - Energy wave radiation believed by Starfleet Research to affect the shape changing capabilities of Changelings. Although nothing can withstand repeated exposure a prototype for a Changeling exposure device was developed. [Apocalypse Rising]

Pup - Nickname given to an alien Artificial Intelligence program residing in DS9 computer following downloading from a Gamma Quadrant probe. It took over the main computer in 2369 before being moved into a secured sub-routine. [The Forsaken]

Quantum Stasis Field - Theoretical energy field that can prevent the change of atomic structure of anything within its range. A device generating this has been proposed as a defensive measure against the Changelings of the Dominion. Intelligence reports indicate that the Cardassians may have been working on such a device. [The Die is Cast]

Remat Detonator - Sabotage and assassination device of Romulan design. Typically about 2 cubic millimetres in size it scrambles a transporter signal. Sold on the black market most transporter systems are designed to scan for these devices. [The Darkness and The Light]

Sealed Gravity Rations - Method of food storage for space exploration vessels before the invention of artificial gravity generators, such as the ancient solar sail vessels that mapped the Bajoran system. [Explorers]

Self Destruct System - Worst case security measure programmed into military equipment which will cause it to be destroyed after a defined period. The system on DS9 disengages the stabilisers on the Fusion core causing a runaway reaction leading to the destruction of the entire station. [Civil Defense]

Shroud - Jem'Hadar innate ability to camouflage themselves, this is apparently affected by a lack of Ketracel White. [Rocks and Shoals]

Silithium - Rare and unstable chemical isotope. Found in comets, such as the one that came through the wormhole in 2371. This comet was a mixture of ice and rarefied gas that left a trail of silithium in the wormhole. A higher concentration of the element would have reacted with the verteron nodes of the wormhole leading to a catastrophic explosion. [Destiny]

Subspace Magneton Pulse - A burst of polarised magnetic energy. Can be the sign of a damaged warp core. [Hippocratic Oath]

Synthahol - Substitute for alcohol developed by the Ferengi. The detrimental side effects can be easily dismissed with a small amount of concentration. Long term use leads to a very low alcohol tolerance if the person tries to drink a genuine beverage. [Explorers]

Tachyon Eddies - Distortions found throughout the Denorios Belt area that send out intermittent streams of tachyons, almost weightless particles that travel faster than the speed of light. These are thought to be responsible for the warp capabilities of the ancient Bajoran solar vessels. [Explorers]

Talonian Microscanner - A type 4 instrument is used to test the purity of the highly illegal Talonian crystals. [Hippocratic Oath]

Tectonic Stress Regulators - Devices used to regulate and stabilise areas of seismic and geothermal activity eliminating the possibility of unexpected earthquakes and other events. [Let He Who is Without Sin]

Transceiver Array - Communication device of Cardassian design installed on DS9 in 2371. It was built to enable communication with ships in the Gamma Quadrant. Uses a modulated soliton pulse sent to a satellite situated 2 kilometres from the Gamma Quadrant mouth of the wormhole. It did not work until, in fulfilment of Trekor's Third Prophesy, a rogue comet came through the wormhole leaving a faint selithium trail that was found to act as a carrier. [Destiny]

Transporter - Device that allows quick and easy transport between two places by means of matter dematerialisation and rematerialisation. A fairly recent addition to this technology is the biofilter, which can screen out foreign organisms such as viruses in the item being transported. Mark 7 transporters are now considered the benchmark standard and incorporate a number of new systems, the older Mark 5 version have been out of production since 2366. [Family Business]

Tridium Gas - Extremely toxic gas. It is attracted by energy sources. Used in very low concentrations to locate a rogue energy form on DS9 in 2369. [Q-Less]

Trinitrogen Chloride - Also known as TNC. An industrial cleaning fluid it is also a component of some explosives, such as plasma grenades. [Things Past]

Turbolifts - Method of intradeck transport on starships and stations. The Cardassian designed lifts on DS9 have an open front and exposed circuitry which can prove dangerous. [The Forsaken]

Uridiun Alloy - Metallic composite used almost exclusively in Cardassian ship construction. [Indiscretion]

Verterons - Extremely rare subatomic particles. The Bajoran Wormhole is stable as it is artificially constructed using verterons that are self-sustaining in nature. [Hands of the Prophets]

Vitarium - Strong alloy used in Dominion ship construction. It can become brittle when exposed to delta radiation. An attempt to destroy the lateral braces of the anti-matter assembly of a Jem'Hadar dreadnought failed and led to the destruction of the USS Valiant. [The Valiant]

Vorta Termination Implant - Small subcutaneous device in the brain stem of all Vorta. Activated by a sharp blow to the chin, it results in almost immediate death. Used by the Vorta in case of capture or malfunction. [Treachery, Faith and the Great River]


Altonian Brain Teaser - Holographic puzzle where the challenger must turn a multicoloured sphere a solid hue using neutral theta waves. The Dax symbiont has been trying to master this complex game for over 140 years. [Dax]

Andorian Glass Beads - Very expensive trinkets collected by the extremely rich. [Business As Usual]

Anslem - Semi-autobiographical work by Jake Sisko. Started under the influence of the energy being Onia, the literary work is currently unfinished. [The Muse]

Bajoran Calendar - The Bajoran calendar is one of the oldest known throughout the entire known universe with it currently being in the 94rd Century. Nowadays most Bajorans use the Federation date system which has this as the 24th Century based on Terran evolution. [Accession]

Bajoran Fund for Orphans - Charity run by monks on Bajor to provide food and warm blankets for war orphans. [Rivals]

Bajoran Harp - Musical instrument. Consists of a number of short strings arrayed from the point of a crescent shape. Produces a high pitched note that is often used by priests to call people to service. [Accession]

Bajoran Militia Uniforms - Two piece jump-suit with extra protection to shoulder areas. Red represents Command personnel, Grey represents Military and Support personnel, Yellow represents Civilian Security. Made from Incarian wool. [Broken Link]

Bajoran National Comms Network - Communication system throughout the Bajoran sector. It is used for both civilian and military purposes. [The Circle]

Bajoran Wormhole - Located in the Denorios Belt approximately 160 million kilometres from the planet Bajor. It connects the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants, a spatial distance of about 90,000 light years. Being artificially created by the Prophets, it exhibits none of the usual quantum fluctuation patterns. Also known as the Celestial Temple in the Bajoran faith. [Emissary] It is now known to be constructed using stable verteron particles, which are self-sustaining in nature. [Hands of the Prophets] In order to prevent the continued build-up of Dominion forces in Cardassian space, Captain Sisko mined the entrance of the Wormhole with self-replicating cloaked mines. This action led to a full-scale attack by the Dominion-Cardassian armada which took the station with a loss of over fifty ships. [Call to Arms]

Basai Master - Klingon master poet. A high praise to compare someone to this level. [Looking for Par'mach]

Baseball - Terran competitive team sport. It has not been played in an organised fashion for over 200 years. A small league was started on the far side of Federation in the 2370s. [Family Business]

Bat'leth - Klingon bladed weapon. Constructed from composite baakonite. A warriors configuration is just over a meter long and weighs about 5 kilograms. [Blood Oath]

Bek - Low rank in the Klingon Navy. [Sons and Daughters]

Call of the Prophets - One of Akorem Laan's most celebrated works. This poem remained unfinished at the twelfth stanza until 2372 when the Prophets sent Akorem back to his own time where he finished the work. [Accession]

Cardassian Communication Service - Bureau responsible for the distribution of information and news around Cardassian controlled space. [Profit and Loss]

Cardassian Education system - Children start at age four with intensive mind control programs to increase intelligence and memory skills. A well known quote is "Education is power, joy is vulnerability." [Maquis I]

Carrington Award - The premier Medical award given by the Federation, usually for life-time achievement in the field of Medicine. Dr Julian Bashir was nominated in 2371 for his work in Biomolecular Replication, but failed to win the award. Many believe he was too young and inexperienced for an award of this nature. [Prophet Motive]

Chula - Wadi game. Involves complex holographic and transporter technology. Players are taken and placed in a maze, while the gambler views the playing board. Led to an incident on DS9 when the Wadi abducted four senior officers to participate in a game. [Move Along Home]

Clavian - Bajoran wind instrument. Also known as the Beli Clavian. Beautiful music can be produced but the instrument is generally accepted to be very difficult to play. [Preemptive Strike]

D'har Master - Klingon expert in personal combat. Respected throughout the quadrant. [Blood Oath]

Dabo - Ferengi game of chance. Some similarities to Terran roulette. Mainstay of Quarks on DS9. [Emissary]

Darts - Terran game of skill consisting of a numbered board and small fletched projectiles. Introduced to Quarks in 2371 and quickly gained in popularity among station personnel and visitors. [Family Business]

Decipate - Bajoran measure of area.

Divine Treasury - Ferengi version of the 'heaven' ideology. The usual description has it made from pure latinum and ruled over by the Blessed Exchequer and the Celestial Auctioneers. The deceased must bid for their new lives. [Little Green Men]

Division of Planetary Operations - Starfleet branch responsible for all utilities and operations of member planets. Maintain the global power distribution networks. [Paradise Lost]

Enigma Tale - Form of Cardassian literature. Mystery novels that are unique in that everyone is guilty and the task is to determine who is guilty of what. [Distant Voices]

Fall of Kang - Famous Klingon poem written by G'trok. Required reading at Starfleet Academy. Extract is given below. [Second Sight] "So honour the valiant who die 'neath your sword, but pity the warrior who slays all his foes."

Ferengi Futures Exchange - Ferengi computerised marketing scheme were people buy and sell commodities over interstellar distances. [Body Parts]

Fizzbin - Card game marketed by the Iotians after they joined the interstellar community. [The Ascent]

Fourth Order - Cardassian military division stationed near to the Bajoran system. Led by Gul Jasad in 2369, who attempted to retake station DS9. [Emissary]

Gaudaal's Lament - One of the poems of Akorem Laan, known by almost every schoolchild on Bajor. [Accession]

Ghetto Fences - Partitions that used to divide the Promenade of Terok Nor, segregating the Bajoran eating and sleeping areas from the rest. [Time to Stand]

Gold Pressed Latinum - Monetary unit of the Ferengi Alliance and now a common exchange unit throughout the Alpha Quadrant. Increasing value denominations of slips, strips and bars. [Bar Association] The comparative values of the three forms are 500 bars equals 10,000 strips equals 1 million slips. [Body Parts] A suspension of the valuable liquid metal latinum in a matrix of unreactive and worthless gold. Development improved interstellar commerce, allowing a denominational currency to be formed. [Who Mourns for Morn?]

Guardians - Unjoined Trill that have devoted their life to the care of the Symbionts. They live in the caves with the Symbionts and can behave in a very eccentric manner. [Equilibrium]

Horga'hn - Risian fertility symbol. A popular holiday souvenir, displaying one of these statues is a sign that you are seeking Jamaharon. [Let He Who is Without Sin]

Hoverball - Outdoor competitive team sport, popular on worlds such as Risa which has many courts for this purpose. [Let He Who is Without Sin]

Isik - Form of currency in the Bajoran sector. [Rivals]

Jem'Hadar Oath - Pledge of loyalty ceremony carried out when the Vorta distributes the Ketracel White canisters. [Time to Stand] Jem'Hadar : "We pledge our loyalty to the Founders, from now until death." Vorta : "Then receive this reward from the Founders, may it keep you strong."

Kalevian Montar - Cardassian strategy game for two players. Gul Dukat is known to cheat. [Duet]

Karo-net - Bajoran sporting event. Regular tournament games enjoyed by many, both Bajoran and non-Bajoran. [A Man Alone]

Kartaken - Jem'Hadar bladed hand weapon, somewhat similar to the Klingon mek'leth but due to the strength of the Jem'Hadar it should be parried and not blocked. [Sons and Daughters]

Kelicam - Klingon measure of distance.

Kellipate - Bajoran measure of area.

Klach D'Kel Brakt - Legendary battle where the Klingons completely defeated the Romulans. [Blood Oath]

Klingon Calendar - The Klingons measure years from the date that Kahless assumed his position as Emperor. The Terran year 2373 is the thousandth anniversary of this event. [Soldiers of the Empire]

Klingon Weddings - After the ceremony, the groom is attacked by men with Mataka sticks to symbolise Moloch's attack during the wedding of Kahless and Lukara. [You Are Cordially Invited]

Klon Peags - Small stick like objects. Cherished by the Wadi for having many uses. No apparent intrinsic value. [Move Along Home]

Lek - Standard Cardassian currency. It is a low denomination. [Caretaker]

Lita - Standard Bajoran currency. [Necessary Evil]

Mandila - Ancient Bajoran instrument. An example of a sixth century mandila was discovered in late 2372 among the contents of a derelict freighter found adrift in Bajoran space. [In the Cards]

Mataka Sticks - Large sticks with padded ends used in the Klingon wedding ceremony. [You Are Cordially Invited]

Meditations on a Crimson Shadow - Cardassian novel. Written by Prelok, it tells of future war between the Cardassians and Klingons. Somewhat predictably the Cardassians are victorious. [The Wire] It is interesting to note that this foreshadows the real war in which the Cardassians are not doing quite so well.

Mek'leth - Klingon bladed weapon. Shorter than the bat'leth it is a single handed weapon. [Bar Association]

Metron Consortium - Arms manufacturer and dealer, a known rival to Hagath. [Business As Usual]

Moogie - Ferengi term for "mother". [Call to Arms]

N'Rengeran Strategy - Covert Klingon military tactics. Used when forces are outnumbered in missions such as assassination and sabotage. [Blood Oath]

Neverending Sacrifice - Cardassian novel. Widely thought to be the best example of the "repetitive epic", regarded by some as the most elegant form of Cardassian literature. It chronicles the life of a single family though seven generations. [The Wire]

Noh-Jay Consortium - Business venture set up on DS9 in 2369 by Nog and Jake Sisko. Sold seven tessipates of land on planet Bajor to the Provisional Government for use in the building an important reclamation facility. [Progress]

Par'mach - Klingon word for love, though with more aggressive overtones. Also leads to the term of "Par'machi" which refers to the betrothed of a Klingon. [Looking for Par'mach]

Personnel Files - Computer records of all personnel assigned to a certain base or starship. They contain a voice print and retina scan for identification purposes and also a full psychological profile.

Promenade Merchant's Association - Trade union formed on DS9 and chaired by Quark. Formally welcomed the Cardassian and Dominion forces to the station at the end of 2372. [Call to Arms]

Queen's Gambit - Holo-novel created by Felix, a friend of Julian Bashir, and featuring the return of the Julian Bashir Secret Agent character. [A Simple Investigation]

Racketball - Terran competitive sport. Variant of the ancient game of Squash. Played in an enclosed room by two players with paddles and a small ball. Traditional and modern rule systems. [Rivals]

Reassociation - Trill term for the action of becoming romantically involved with another joined Trill to who you were associate with a previous host. It is one of the most serious crimes in Trill society, who view it as unnatural and non-productive for the host. Punishment means exile from the Trill Homeworld, hence the inability to transfer to a new host leading to the eventual death of both Host and Symbiont. [Rejoined]

Red Squad - A group of elite cadets within Starfleet Academy. After it was discovered that they were involved in the Changeling scare and the attempted coup by rogue Starfleet personnel, the unit was disbanded. [Paradise Lost]

Resistance Covert Signs - During the Occupation the Bajoran Resistance developed a number of simple and subtle signs to convey messages such as the casual turning over of a vase at a shop display to indicate a desire to speak to a Resistance member. [Things Past]

Runners - Bajoran star constellation visible from Bajor and DS9. [Second Sight]

Sabre Saw - Traditional Bajoran wood cutting tool. [Explorers]

Shawn - Bajoran word for "swamp". [Let He Who is Without Sin]

SID - Station code for "Ship in Distress" situations. Covers the protocols and actions for dealing with such incidents. [Maquis I]

Solids - Name used by the Founders for all other corporeal life, which they deem as a threat to be subdued. [Search II]

Springball - Bajoran competitive sport. Played by two people. An annual tournament is held in the Bajoran system. [Shadowplay] There is also now a court on station DS9. [For the Cause]

Sumata Oil - Natural Bajoran oil, used warm for massage. [Resurrection]

Sword of Kahless - Klingon ancient artefact. The original Bat'leth used by Kahless to slay Molar and establish the first Empire in the 10th century. A very powerful icon of Klingon history, it was stolen by the Hur'q during their raid on the Klingon Homeworld. Rumours of its recovery increased in early part of 2372 but were not validated. [Sword of Kahless]

Tessipate - Bajoran measure of area.

The Link - Founder collective located in the Gamma Quadrant. An indeterminate number of Founders rest in a liquid state in what resembles a large golden lake. [The Search] [Broken Link] Not so much an exchange of information, but rather a merging of thought and idea. [Behind the Lines]

Vault of Eternal Destitution - Ferengi version of the 'hell' ideology. Place where financially broke Ferengi go when they die. [Little Green Men]

Waiver of Property and Profit - Ferengi prenuptial legal contract where the wife gives up all her claims to her husband's wealth. [Ferengi Love Songs]

Yan-Isleth - Klingon ceremonial title meaning "Brotherhood of the Sword" given to those that distinguish themselves in battle. Members of this group make up the Chancellors personal guard. [Apocalypse Rising]

Zhain-Tara - Trill ritual that translates as "Rite of Closure" and is pronounced 'jan tara'. The most important ritual for any Trill host it involves the transfer of memories of the previous hosts to close friends to allow the new host to talk with them. It is said to be a very powerful experience. Jadzia Dax finally performed the ritual in late 2371 on DS9. The transfer is carried out with the help of a Guardian, using the words written phonetically below. Also below is the Dax hosts and who acted as temporary hosts for the memories. [Facets] "Ino raja kala ( symbiont ) zhain-she ( old host ) tanas rem. Gandar ( new host ) tor. ( new host ) zhain-tara bak. To ( symbiont ) zhain-tani res. Zhain-par ( old host ) garu koj."